Monverde Experiences lead you to moments of fantastic sensations, aromas and tastes!

In the Vinhos Verdes Route, in Amarante, we find a refuge for the soul and the senses. Surrounded by a luxuriant landscape is the Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel, where you can give yourself to unique experiences.
Where the senses are stimulated and refined by immersing yourself in the world of Oenology.
In the magic of the wind, the vineyards whisper ancient beauty secrets… let yourself be touched by the surroundings of the wines at the Wine Experience Hotel.

Vinho Verde Wine Lover Monverde

Vinho Verde Wine Lover

Produced exclusively in the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, in the northwest of Portugal, Vinho Verde is produced only from the region’s native grape varieties, preserving its typical aromas and flavours so distinctive worldwide.

Moments for two!

Relax in the comfort of the Monverde Wine Experience Hotel and let yourself be embraced by a special evening for two with flowers and lots of seduction… Here you will be able to enjoy the colours of nature, in truly fantastic conditions…

Monverde Moments in Two
Celebrar o Amor Monverde

Romantic Package “Celebrate Love”

Take a break with your soul mate!
At the Monverde Wine Experience Hotel you will be able to surprise your soul mate from the moment you arrive, with a VIP treatment in the room, wake up with a breathtaking view over the melancholic Vineyard that surrounds the property and is painted in colours.
After a relaxing stay, we also give you the possibility to make a late check-out, so you can take the most of the comfort at the Monverde Wine Experience.

Romantic Spring- Visit Amarante

Amarante is everything you can expect from a Portuguese village: The river cross the city, the tiles, churches, staircases and bridges.
Breathes history, heritage, monuments and distinct personalities.

Outono Romântico Monverde
Classic Experience Monverde

Vinho Verde Classic Experience

Get to know the Vinhos Verdes region with a private tour, local guide, in Classic and Luxury cars. One trip, several perspectives. Discover the Vinho Verde region and the characteristics of local producers! We will talk about Vinho Verde, have lunch in a typical restaurant in the region and enjoy the landscape and rurality so characteristic in the region.

Retreat in Nature

Plan your refuge in nature by visiting the Serra do Marão. You will deflower a heritage constituted of beautiful forest spots, we will explore the highest places with breathtaking landscapes and passing by the viewpoint of Nossa Senhora de Moreira, where we feel insignificant such is the beauty and vastness of everything that surrounds us and that draw the landscape.

Retiro Natureza Monverde
Monverde Full Experience

Monverde Full Experience

Come and see the Monverde Hotel and all the exclusive experiences you can live here.
Discover the charms of nature!
Family and Traditional. Wine Tourism and Tastings. Comfort and Elegance. Modernity and Tradition…