Wine Tourism

Let yourself be guided by your senses. Enter a universe of freshness. Enter a world that is fresh, light and delicate.

Quinta da Lixa is a living testament to the passion that the Meireles family has always had for Vinho Verde. Monverde is the opportunity to share with all our visitors, our knowledge and flavours.

Because we want your visit to Monverde to be truly unforgettable, we what it to involve all your senses in the wine, the vineyards and the natural beauty of Quinta de Sanguinhedo.

Please accept our invitation and embark upon a rewarding experience of knowing the history of wine, as well in to the process of making wine from the harvest to the final product, through the grape picking and the wine tasting, something that you can experience with us.

Throughout this process, we have added unique experiences such as food & wine pairing, outdoor activities, wildlife observation, courses and visits, always accompanied by the wonderful landscape that the vineyard offers us.

Enjoy the experience or who knows, fall in love with Vinho Verde.

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