Wine Tourism

Enjoy the experience or who knows, fall in love with Vinho Verde.

Quinta da Lixa is a living testament to the passion that the Meireles family has always had for Vinho Verde. Monverde is the opportunity to share with all our visitors, our knowledge and flavours.

  • Quinta de Sanguinhedo 166, Castanheiro Redondo, 4600-761 Telões, Amarante - Portugal
  • +351 255 143 100

“From the passion and dedication of the Meireles Family to the production of genuine and unique wines, a dream was born to expand the discovery of tasting to the concept of enjoying the world of wine. The Monverde Wine Experience Hotel reflects the philosophy of Quinta da Lixa in creating exclusive experiences that convey the authenticity of the Vinho Verde Region and the boldness to create memorable moments.”

Óscar Meireles | Quinta da Lixa, Administrator /  Monverde Wine Experience Hotel, Mentor

The look on the past 22 years and the dreams for the future 22 years.
22 harvests, countless challenges, a certainty…the desire to express the uniqueness and originality of our terroir, show the authenticity and versatility of a region, affirm the potential of our grape varieties by showing their best, alone, or in harmony with one batch, always respecting the characteristics of each one.

A toast and thanks to You…”

Carlos Teixeira | Quinta da Lixa Winemaker

Notes of Legacy & Terroir

The profile, character and wine traditions of the Vinhos Verdes region. A tasting of 3 wines that tell the stories of a family and wine-producing generation, and an unique wine culture, paired with exclusive canapés from our Chef.

Taste the Vine

Become an expert on the profile of the region’s traditional grape varieties. In this tasting, 5 single grape wines are presented, which will make you fall even more in love with this wine region and increase your thirsty for knowledge.

The “Inside Out” Grape

Get to know the potential of the grape until recently esteemed only by connoisseurs, and today loved by all, in a tasting of 3 editions from the private collection of the property where Monverde is inserted.

Winemaker Barrel & Vine Sessions

The visions of the Winemaker. In a single tasting, limited edition barrel wines and wines from specific vineyards of the producer are presented, representing some of the most ambitious projects of the winemaker Carlos Teixeira.

Family Tasting Experience

A wine tasting dedicated to families. Parents enjoy a tasting of 3 wines while children perceive wine culture in an interactive way, tasting juices with the aromas of the wines presented.

Monverde Explorer Experience

An activity where they are invited to explore the property and have a closer contact with the vineyards and landscapes that are part of the Monverde property:
» Storytelling & Vineyard Trek
» Wine & Art
» Picnic Box

Wine Blending & Sensory Experience

Become a winemaker for a day, by creating your own special wine blend with this unique experience at Monverde Wine Experience Hotel. The experience  begins with you exploring our sensory room, with some of the most common aromas at the Vinho Verde wines, to develop your olfactory sensibility and memory, and get you ready to the blending phase. Then, you will taste through each grape varietal while learning about their stories and profile, and you will be given the opportunity to measure and sample them together to create a new unique wine, perfectly fitting your personal style and senses. This experience is only over after you bottle the wine, put the cork in, choose and place the capsule in the bottle and personalize your own label. To ensure your friends and family believe in you when saying you made a wine, the bottle is the souvenir from this experience, as well a participation certificate with the hotel and winery stamp.

Juice Blending

To include the children in the “Wine Blending & Sensory Experience” activity with their parents, we offer a tasting of 3 juices and the possibility to make a blend to their choice. This step is followed by bottling, label customization and corkage placement, just like with the adults.

Hand’s-On Harvest

The Harvest Experience

For the family harvest, children are challenged to collect materials from the vineyard during grape harvesting, to later create a small project, which will be the postcard of the stay in Monverde.

» Activity to start at 9:30 am
» Welcome drink and delivery of the Harvest kit at the harvest site
» Start of grape harvesting
» A break for a morning snack, with the regional and traditional delicacies of the Harvest season
» Continue grape harvesting
» Wine tasting with the grape being harvested;
» Traditional lunch outside
» Visit to the Winery and explanation of the beginning of the winemaking process

Beyond the Cellar Doors

Quinta da Lixa opens the doors of its most captivating properties, to show our visitors the reality of one of the largest producers in the Vinhos Verdes region. During the circuit – specifically designed in order to present the history of a family and a producer who embraced its roots in the region – you will explore the landscapes of the region, know the grape varieties present in the properties, the characteristics that make them special within their differences, while enjoying
the wines that are part of Quinta da Lixa portfolio.