Dive into the Wine Experience Spa, encourage and refine your senses.

Nestled upon the Vinho Verde route, in Amarante, we find a refuge for the soul and for the senses. Surrounded by luxuriant landscape, the Monverde – Wine Experience Hotel is a place where you can indulge in unparalleled flavours.
Where your senses are stimulated and refined while delving into the world of Oenology.
Within the magic of the wind, the vines murmur ancestral secrets of beauty…allow yourself to be seduced by the charm of wine at the Wine Experience Spa.

Wine Experience Spa

Enter into an world of unparalleled sensations!

Encounter a place where therapies are carefully prepared, especially for you.

Relax your senses in an oasis of well-being and revitalise yourself with the ancestral wisdom of vinotherapy. Soak in a warm aromatic bath perfumed with citrus and spices. Delight yourself with the signature Red Vine Leaf treatment, known for its antioxidant action and circulation activating properties.

A truly intoxicating experience!


In a property surrounded by vineyards and where grapes play an indispensable role in making your experience unique, we create treatments for you that respect the full potential of Vintotherapy.


Experience the benefits of a massage where the therapeutic touch and the selected aromas melt conducting to a truly relaxing journey.


Find in all our facial treatments the perfect fusion between the therapeutic touch and the aromas carefully selected for your skin which guarantee you a truly relaxing experience.


Relaxing escape at Monverde Experience SPA and recover your balance and well-being.


Experience the benefits of a body exfoliantion to relax and hydrate. Hydrate your body offering yor skin the velvet effect of your dreams. Fight against cellulite and re-define your silhouette.


Delight yourself in a Vinotherapy bath followed by a Relaxing massage using red vine leaf oil and essential oils.


Enjoy of our treatments as a pleasure for two.


Reservations must be made directly with the Reception of the Spa.

In order to guarantee availability, we suggest reservations be made some time in advance, particularly when reserving for special programmes.