EU Ecolabel label

“The European Union Ecolabel System is a voluntary instrument that aims to reduce the negative impact of production and consumption on the environment, health, climate and natural resources, promoting products with a high level of environmental performance.”
Source: DGAE

The Monverde Wine Experience Hotel, a place of undeniable beauty wine, is committed to acting in full respect for nature and to minimize environmental impacts.

Aware of the scarcity of natural resources produced in limited quantities and the rhythms of nature, and some cases that could have been exhausted, the Monverde intends to dispose of the EU Ecolabel label, reflecting its concern for environmental and energy problems, and claims solidarity and responsibility towards future generations.


A vacation for the mind and soul

Nothing beats the feeling of anticipation at the beginning of the holidays… Imagine a beach: the warmth of the sun on the skin, the warm sand between the fingers of the feet. Feel yourself floating in the fresh sea water and dry in the gentle breeze. Pure ecstasy.

… Or surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The wind in the hair on a ski slope. Cozy chalets and healthy food. During summer, breathtaking trails in untouched nature.

Happy times. But more and more people want to make sure that their pleasure does not cost the environment a high cost. That is the real peace of mind. That is total relaxation.

The EU eco-label for tourist accommodation allows you to relax with complete confidence. Ensures that the place where you are staying meets more than 20 criteria to reduce environmental impact.
This includes measures to limit climate change. Accommodation that has achieved the EU eco-label, such as the Monverde Wine Experience Hotel, informs guests of sustainable options to get there and to visit the surroundings. By bike, electric cars or local buses, you can enjoy the trip without worrying about the impact on the environment.

Opting for energy-efficient accommodations is another good way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The EU eco-label accommodations save up to 50% energy using more efficient lamps and appliances. Heating and cooling systems promote the circular use of resources, making them also more energy efficient.
The circular approach also extends to water saving. It is a precious resource in tourist resorts and island destinations. These future-vision accommodations have introduced small changes that make a big difference, such as installing more efficient faucets, toilets and showers, recycling rainwater, and reusing towels. So the only water you have to think about is the sea, or the ice in your drink.

There is no reason to forget your good home habits when you are on vacation, like remembering to reduce waste. Tourists produce 4.8 million tons of waste per year. What’s great about EU eco-label accommodations is that waste prevention is complete. There are no disposable packaging, single-use cutlery or sheets used at once. There is also less food waste.
These places facilitate the separation of garbage, so that plastics are recycled, not damaging the vineyards, mountains or beaches or harming marine life.
Relax, you deserve a break. And isn’t it good to let planet Earth relax too?

Learn more about the European eco-label.

Responsible Tourist Manifesto

Travel is KNOWING other ways of living, exist and be in the world.
It is to UNDERSTAND that our planet is as finite as it is immense, that the human being is so identical and so different.
It is to RESPECT this difference and live it, make it ours and PRESERVE its existence as it is.
It’s SHARE with those who are with us, with those who will soon leave and with those we know along our path.
Because traveling is just that: LIVING.